So I finally did and cut all my relaxed hair. Just chilling with my cute little afro. I feel so liberated for some reason lol felt like I was a slave to straight hair and the creamy crack. To my surprise it looks shorter than it really is. Have major shrinkage going on LOL ... … Continue reading BC


Caring For Your Hair While Protective Styling

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Protective styles are styles that entail low manipulation of your hair. They are to protect your hair or to pretty much give your hair a break from everyday styling and also protection from the elements. Protective styles include weaves, braids, and wigs, twists, up dos or covering it up with a hat, scarf or beanie… While we are protecting our hair we must still continue to treat our hair underneath…

Sanitizing and conditioning your hair is necessary. Focus on your scalp using the pads of your fingertips… Then gently cleanse the weave if that’s your protective style of choice. Taking a break from everyday styling doesn’t mean go around with dirt build-up and gunk in your hair… And by all means don’t forget to apply oils to your scalp. Moisture is the key to healthy hair!!! Make sure your protective styles have plenty of oil!!! 

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Me like …

There are some days where u look in the mirror n are like "I actually look good" ... Its so true that "Loving your body gets you further than hating it does" 😀

Is There A Wrong Way To Go Natural..?

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Is there a wrong way to go natural..? I don’t think that there’s a wrong way to being or going natural… This weekend I heard someone say that they had purchased a natural hair product line because it was supposed to change their hair from relaxed to natural each time that they were to use the products… Now, I do think that products can be misunderstood… Some products may not work for you the same way that they work for another person and I only know of two ways to become natural and that’s to transition or by doing the big chop. Natural hair products will not strip relaxer from your hair…

To retain moisture in your natural hair there is what we call the LOC Method which stands for Liquid/Leave in Oil & Cream… I believe that if you’re natural the LOC Method is a vital step for your hair routine. There is no way I would be…

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