Weight loss


This journey started in 2012 … I was just so fed up of being the “fat girl” and did as much research as I could and took matters into my own hands.
Still haven’t reached my goals since they happen to change every month (LOL) but I am still determined.
My goal now is not weight related cause the scale does not tell u if u gained muscle … it pretty much just tells u that ur fat.
I want lose cm/inch.


6 thoughts on “Weight loss

  1. Mercy says:

    You look hot dear… You’ve just inspired me on changing my habits that I’ve developed lifestyle wise… Keep me posted and girl tips will be appreciated when the going gets tough

      • Mercy says:

        I’ve started with morning workouts for the past week… 50 crumps, leg raises, jumping jacks, squats, 10 skipping ropes, 20 dips… Any other pointers?

      • ailunga07 says:

        Thats good u starting of slow … the thing we struggle to understand is that weighloss takes time and consistency. So u gotta be real patient. Are u eating clean? Eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible, VEGETABLES AND FRUIT … yum yum … will post something about this today. 😀

      • monde95@ymail.com says:

        Yes dear I do get the commitment and consistency…. I’ve traded my junkies for for fruits, veggies, fish, muslei, oats, tea, plain yogurts and 3 to 4 litres of water a day… I sure will be looking forward to today’s post! 😉
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