Natural hair drama


So I recently went natural, its been 7 months without the creamy crack (LOL). I must say its not easy, especially if u grew up relaxing ur hair. So this is all new to me.

Currently I am in a protective style (my go-to TWIST) but I have been transitioning for the past couple of months. My hair was kinda long to start of with so transitioning is such a drag for me.
I have two hair textures right now n I am tired of taking care of both, so one has got to go. Planning to chop of all my chemically treated hair as soon as I get out of this protective style. I am counting the days to finally BC (big chop). Sooo excited.
Last year I had no intentions on going natural, I actually didn’t know what this term “Natural” even meant. I found out cause my cousin (Caty) went natural. Her hair looked so healthy. No heat damage and her scalp looked amazing. I then decided to copy her n go natural. Even though its tough and sometimes I was tempted to just go back, I must say its the best choice I ever made.

Can’t wait to rock my TWA
Will post pictures

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