Cheat Day

A day just to pig out and eat anything u want without worrying about calories whatsoever.
For some of u this is what u do on cheat days, just eat anything that u want, not worrying about calories and then wonder why u haven’t seen any progress this week.  Well u constantly have to be aware of what u eat.
Cheat days are there to help u get over the cravings that u had during the week. I normally crave lollipops which is just flavoured sugar and on cheat days I will have 2 … maybe 3 (*hides face* I have a serious sweet tooth).
A cheat day is a calculated risk that u take so that u do not throw all ur efforts of the week down the drain.
I would like to recommend that people have cheat meals and not really a full day of eating unhealthy food, because when weigh day comes around u are gonna ask yourself where u went wrong and start questioning/doubting ur whole weight loss plan. While the problem could just be that ur overindulging just a bit too much on cheat day.
The weekend is here and if ur cheat day falls on the weekend like mine, I hope that u keep my tips in mind.


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