The scale is not your friend!

There is something about the scale that I just hate. It has the complete power to make u feel so horrible about yourself and sometimes, the power to make u stop your healthy journey.
For months u have been losing weight, then one month u gain 1kg and all hell breaks loose.
The scale makes u forget about all those months of hard work and all that weight that u lost and makes u focus on the 1kg that u gained. U start fixating on this damn 1kg and cross examining everything that has went through ur mouth.
It’s takes u on an emotional roller coaster which could lead to u giving up. But we don’t want that do we?…

The scale doesn’t tells us if we have gained muscle.
It doesn’t show us that we are getting toned.
It doesn’t tell us that we sleeping better or if we are eating better.
Just those damn numbers that can ruin ur day.

I personally use measuring tape, the mirror, taking progress pictures and checking how my clothes fit to track my progress.
The scale … I use once in a blue moon.

If u know ur doing everything right there should be no reason to worry. Take it one day at a time.



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