Are you eating enough?


One thing u need to understand is that working out and eating right work hand in hand. Its pointless if u are working out but not eating right and this is something everyone needs to understand.

There is many ways of gaining weight
1. Genetics
2. You could be eating too much
3. You could be eating too little

People have this weird thing that people are overweight because they eat too much, well thats not true. In my case I gained weight because I hardly ate anything. My body was constantly in “Starvation Mode” that instead of burning away fat, it held on to it because my body wasn’t sure when I was going to eat again. Also I didn’t make good food choices when I did eat.
With weightloss u need to understand what ur body needs and cater to it. Everyone is different.
First thing u have to do is find out how many calories u must consume daily to function. This differs from person to person because it is based on the individuals height and weight. So stop copying someone else and research urself.

Once calculated u need to consume that amount everyday for you body to not go into starvation mode. It has been stated that no one should go lower than 1200 cals.
So get a calorie calculator.
There is many apps out there that u could use:
My fitness pal
My diet
And many more … just look for a simple app that will help u count how many calories u are taking in.

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