What shape are you???


People need to understand that we are not all the same. We come in all shapes and sizes. When making any goals u need to make goals that are realistic.
I first started of by finding out what body shape I am and then take it from there. I am pear shape. I did this so that I don’t work on getting certain results that would be kind of impossible for my body shape.
Lets say like a tiny waist like Kim Kardashian. This would not work because she has an hourglass figure.
If u are uncertain about what your body shape is, give ur friend the chart above and ask them which one looks more like you. We tend to misjudge when it comes to ourselves. Even if a person is overweight u will still be able to distinguish what body shape they are.

I am pear shape … which really means that I have wide hips and smaller torso. I tend to gain weight on my thighs, which happens to be my problem area. Even though u cant spot reduce, knowing your body shape u know which areas to focus on.



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