Weightloss tip: Patience

I get a lot of people that want quick and fast tips to lose weight. Sorry to disappoint yall but I really don't know any that work. I have tried them all ... diets ... fasts ... shakes ... pills ... shit doesnt work (excuse my french). The problem with these is that they were … Continue reading Weightloss tip: Patience


Castor Oil 90 day Challenge – STARTS 01 August 2014!!!


True Curls Hair

Hi guys,

I know that growing our Teeny weeny afros into a  long beautiful natural hair is a goal for most of us. So last night I finally remembered what I did to move from “OMW what do I do with this?” to “Yay!! I can do twists!! etc)…

Castor Oil – Miracle potion!! Okay, maybe not miracle potion but a darn amazing oil!!! (in the next post I’ll elaborate on its benefits.

How to Enter the Challenge
To enter this challenge you must do the following by July 30th 2014: Leave a comment to this post answering the following:
1. What type of Castor Oil will you be using? (Regular Pharmacy Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil,etc) 2. How long is your hair now-front, sides, and back? (eye brow length, nose length, chin length, shoulder length etc)
3. Attach at least one photo, showing your length…

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Going Natural Without Going Broke!

People do think its expensive but it doesn’t have to be…

Young Fabulous & Natural

Save your money and still look fab!

There is this grave misconception that going natural means that you have to rush out and buy these over priced products and create this intricate plan of attack.

Stop. It. Now!

The truth is, you can go natural and maintain your natural hair on a hamburger budget if you follow these easy rules.

1. If you do buy a product, buy the smallest size to make sure you like it- So everyone in the natural hair circuit is talking about some $2o product. When I was going natural, it was a $30 jar of Miss Jessies. Well, before you go spending your hard earned money on a full sized, full price version, check for the smaller size and test it out for a week. It would be a tragedy if you hated it and couldn’t return it.

2. Use natural ingredients- Why buy…

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Rules for a Curly girl


Now that we’ve all established that being a Curly girl isn’t easy, we can move on to where I tell you that being a curly girl really isn’t that difficult! Curly hair is like a stubborn toddler; If you’re good to it, it loves you, if you curse it, hate it and destroy it with chemicals, it will hate you back.

Trust me I’ve learned the hard way and now, after years of trial and error, I’ve finally mastered the art of keeping my baby happy! (Yes, my curls are my baby!) Ofcourse, I’m still learning so if you have any tips that would help all curly girls just email me and I’ll be sure to publish it 🙂

Curly Girl Rule #1:

DO NOT wash your hair with shampoo more than twice a week. Yes, I know you’re thinking “Eww gross!No way!” but you don’t realize the damage shampoo…

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Twist out

First of all I just need to say that I am in love with my hair. People always ask me why I cut it but who cares what they think. Just glad that my close friends support me.... Loving my journey!!!! So about my twist out. I don't know if I did it right or … Continue reading Twist out