fashionista award


So I have been nominated for a Fashionista Award by . When I saw the nomination I was like “WWWWHHHHAAAATTT?!?” (minions style).

I am kinda in disbelief, still a newb at this blogging thing.

So gotta answer a few questions to make this nomination legit.

  1. What motivated you to start a blog?

I felt like I have quite a lot of interests that i actually want to keep track of and found that blogging about would help me share my interests, gain more knowledge about my interests and also meet like minded people.

2.  Favorite movies?

uhm … I just went blank LOL


All Marvel and DC comics movies e.g Thor, Avengers, Batman and so forth


P.S I love you

Harry Potter

Twilight Saga

and all Disney Animations


3.  What is your dream career?

Shoot … this is a hard one. Anything that allows me to travel the world and meet new people would be the perfect career.


4. Top wishlist items?

  • A Puppy
  • A ice cream machine (like the ones on CHOPPED)
  • A car
  • Mac lipstick and gloss
  • Jordan sneakers or a pair of Tims


5. Favorite Television shows


Modern Family

New Girl

The Big Bang Theory


Suits (Harvey is one hot a** man)


6.  What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Clicks … I am obsessed with Hair care products.


7. Favorite fashion designers

Riccardo Tisci – he designed Kim’s wedding dress and I have never fell in love with a dress like I did that one.


8. Describe your dream vacation.

Would like to go to Bora Bora. That place itself is just a dream.


9. What are the goals for your blog?

Just to meet new people and also help people out where I can.


10.  if you had the opportunity to interview any celebrity, who would it be?



Robert Downey Jnr. (he seems like an interesting fella)


Phew… that was a bit hard.



now for my nominees:


Please do check out all the links posted. Amazing blogs.

Now to go take a nap. LOL

4 thoughts on “FASHIONISTA AWARD

  1. thatchicfashionblog says:

    Hey girl! Did you hear? You’re one of the top 5 nominees for the Fashionista Award! You can starts sharing the poll on either Facebook, Twitter etc, or simply reblog my post to get more votes towards you’re win:) Congrats again!

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