Twist out


First of all I just need to say that I am in love with my hair. People always ask me why I cut it but who cares what they think. Just glad that my close friends support me….
Loving my journey!!!!

So about my twist out. I don’t know if I did it right or not. I used gel which I think I used too much off and also I did it on dry hair. Was just bored and was like “let me twist my hair.”
I spritz each strand though to get it to coperate cause dry hair just didnt hold.
Then I took them out the next day and I got what in the picture above.
Any tips or recommendations on what to do the next time I do this????

5 thoughts on “Twist out

  1. curlycandace says:

    Try doing the LOC method. Liquid, oil, and cream. It works, holding in moisture for any hair texture. All you do is, after washing and conditioning your hair, or just co-washing it, let it dry or be a bit damp, spritz your hair with water, then apply a water based leave in conditioner, then seal it with an oil, then rub moisturizer on it, then you can finally add your styling product. (The gel you used). Then use a wide tooth comb, a Denman brush, or finger detangle to distribute the products through your hair. After that just style as desired! Flat twist, Bantu knots, two strand twist, braid out, etc. ! :))
    Hope this helped! 🙂

    • ailunga07 says:

      Will try this out. Normally I do LOC all the time but I spontaneously did my hair. Now I will try it when I have actually washed it. Need to practice flat twisting on a doll ir something lol I can’t seem to get the hang of it.
      Thank u so much …

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