Rules for a Curly girl


Now that we’ve all established that being a Curly girl isn’t easy, we can move on to where I tell you that being a curly girl really isn’t that difficult! Curly hair is like a stubborn toddler; If you’re good to it, it loves you, if you curse it, hate it and destroy it with chemicals, it will hate you back.

Trust me I’ve learned the hard way and now, after years of trial and error, I’ve finally mastered the art of keeping my baby happy! (Yes, my curls are my baby!) Ofcourse, I’m still learning so if you have any tips that would help all curly girls just email me and I’ll be sure to publish it 🙂

Curly Girl Rule #1:

DO NOT wash your hair with shampoo more than twice a week. Yes, I know you’re thinking “Eww gross!No way!” but you don’t realize the damage shampoo…

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