Going Natural Without Going Broke!

People do think its expensive but it doesn’t have to be…

Young Fabulous & Natural

Save your money and still look fab!

There is this grave misconception that going natural means that you have to rush out and buy these over priced products and create this intricate plan of attack.

Stop. It. Now!

The truth is, you can go natural and maintain your natural hair on a hamburger budget if you follow these easy rules.

1. If you do buy a product, buy the smallest size to make sure you like it- So everyone in the natural hair circuit is talking about some $2o product. When I was going natural, it was a $30 jar of Miss Jessies. Well, before you go spending your hard earned money on a full sized, full price version, check for the smaller size and test it out for a week. It would be a tragedy if you hated it and couldn’t return it.

2. Use natural ingredients- Why buy…

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