Weightloss tip: Patience

I get a lot of people that want quick and fast tips to lose weight.
Sorry to disappoint yall but I really don’t know any that work.
I have tried them all … diets … fasts … shakes … pills … shit doesnt work (excuse my french).
The problem with these is that they were short term, I would not lose the weight long term like I have right now.
I feel that the quicker u lose weight the quicker it is for you to gain it back. So take it real slow, so that it never comes back.
I suggest that u try to lose weight over a period of 6months to a year depending on ur starting weight.  I know it sounds a lot but then u will be sure it won’t come back.
Plus it takes time for u and ur body to get use to the change. You are trying to create a lifestyle, just like u brush ur teeth before and after u sleep … u want eating healthy and living healthy to be part of ur routine.
You don’t need to dive right in. Take it slow … start of with small changes like:

Walking more
Eating less complex carbs
Drinking tons of water
Add veggies and fruit to ur daily diet
I started doing this first for like about 2 weeks to get use to it and then I added
workout to my routine.
And when u start working out also start of slow
10min run
10min walk
Light strength training

Thats literally how I started.
I increased my time and my reps when it got easy. U always gotta challenge yourself.

My goals everyday is to be a little sore LOL thats how I know its working.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about exercises, eating healthy or anything.
Love helping


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