Blue Ivy Natural Hair Joke BET Controversy

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2014-mtvThe Carters have been criticized and bashed for the hair care of their beautiful daughter Blue Ivy,  from the pathetic petition created by Jasmine Toliver (to get Beyonce to comb her hair) to the many comments gone viral, it seems as if people have nothing better to do then to blast a two-year-old’s hair. 

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Boot camp or Make up??

So I had to make the rather harsh decision between either going to boot camp or buying myself some MAC make up. I asked my friends and family on facebook and they all said I should go to boot camp ... but I was like WHY!?!Both of them cost the exact same but I can … Continue reading Boot camp or Make up??

Product Junkie

I think I have the makings of becoming a product Junkie. I blame it on being a newly natural and that I feel I haven't found my staple products yet. I haven't found what I think is absolutely like WOW for my hair, so I keep searching. So when one product finishes I buy a … Continue reading Product Junkie


Time to get back in SHAPE!

So lately I have been like "bleh" when it comes to fitness and working out. its really easy falling off the horse but hard to get back on. So I decided that I need to change it up a bit. I am tired of my old routine and I think that is the reason I … Continue reading Time to get back in SHAPE!



4KGS Super excited.  Looked really weird walking around with these at the mall earlier.  Too heavy for a bag and also thought it would be stupid to get a cart just for these.



Loving what I did to my braids lol There is a portrait of my dad lol was trying to hide it but obviously I was unsuccessful.