Product Junkie

I think I have the makings of becoming a product Junkie.
I blame it on being a newly natural and that I feel I haven’t found my staple products yet. I haven’t found what I think is absolutely like WOW for my hair, so I keep searching.
So when one product finishes I buy a totally new and different product.

I decided to do the castor oil challenge till October and see if it works … so far I have usef 3 different brands of castor oil LOL … don’t remember the names just know that it is 3 different bottles.

I feel like the first one I used gave my hair more shine and gave it a healthier look and the others are just bleh.

I personally don’t think I am a producy junkie yet, I just feel I need to findnthe products that work well with my hair and then I will have staple products.
But for now I am gonna keep on shopping and buying until I find those products.

2 thoughts on “Product Junkie

  1. silksachet says:

    yeah it takes alot of trial and error before you find out what really works for your hair. dont worry you will become a junkie soon…ha ha…ya cant help it, its so many products ya wanna try

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