Boot camp or Make up??


So I had to make the rather harsh decision between either going to boot camp or buying myself some MAC make up. I asked my friends and family on facebook and they all said I should go to boot camp … but I was like WHY!?!

Both of them cost the exact same but I can only pick one … what a harsh, harsh world we live in where a girl has to pick ONE … arg just ONE. Omygosh.

I know that i can always buy the make up some other time but it feels like I just dropped my baby but on the other hand boot camp will get me in shape before my rather big plans next year.

I am obviously doing boot camp cause working out by myself these days has been more non existent. Need somthing to get me back in the zone.

I have new fitness goals that I want to reach in 12 weeks and then take it from there.

I am just gonna chill for now until boot camp starts in September.

download (1)

someone please tell me that I am doing the right thing…
fitness over make up?


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