The Power of Water

I have been doing something bad that I wasn’t really aware of until my cousin mentioned it.
Ever since I got back home last week I have stopped consuming the required amounts of water and trust me I can really feel the difference.

My skin is super dry
Face is breaking out
My hair looks dull
Also don’t have energy for anything.

I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t drinking enough water at all, until I was complaining to my cousin that my skin is super dry and if she had any suggestions (she studied this stuff so I guess she knows what she is doing). She took one look at me and said I think its cause ur dehydrated … and it totally made sense. I sat down and started counting how many of litres I drank in the past two days and I was shocked that in two days I only drank 2 glasses. Shame on me.

Now that I got my water back to its normal intake 2.5l a day, my skin is starting to get is glow again … my hair looks like a little better … and I feel I have energy.

Wow … can’t believe that something as simple as just drinking water has so many benefits to the body.

Hope yall enjoy ur Wednesday


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