Curly Gurls Everywhere!


Am I the only one who plays “Spot the Curly Girl”???

I love the natural hair movement. Girls are showing off their beautiful curls and kinks.

I have been noticing a lot of natural hair girls in music videos, t.v shows and series and even adverts and I get super happy all the time.

Maybe I am only noticing it now cause I am natural, either way I love when I see these beautiful gorgeous girls.


I am not sure if the girl in the Foreign and Wiggle music video are the same chick anyways doesn’t matter, they make it look so sexy with their defined curls n all. Also I have been watching “The Tomorrow People” the girl called Astrid is a curly girl, she rocks a lot of twist out but they look really good.

I just don’t know why but it just makes me happy when I see these girl.
I know that my hair is pretty and beautiful, I am just happy now that the world gets to think so too.



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