Hello October!

I wanted to post this post yesterday but had so much to do.
I got home really late and just thought to myself I have a fresh new four weeks and I am going to make it count.
4 weeks of fitness
4 weeks of taking care of my mane
4 weeks of eating well
I want to challenge myself in all these parts of my life.

I have planned to work out 5 days a week  for the next 4 weeks. This will include a 20min jog every morning, followed by some strength training mostly focusing on my thighs and arms. My problem areas!
Also I will measure myself every two weeks. Yes I said measure n not weigh, I do not trust the scale.

Hair things
I wanna try to keep my hair out for the whole 4 weeks. I will do like puffs n braid/twist out but I won’t hide my hair like I usually do by installing braids. I get frustrated with my hair very quick but now I am just gonna try it out.

I am really gonna try and eat well. Use My fitness pal/Noom app to get the most accurate results that I can. I also have a problem of under-eating. Yes lol I don’t eat much. Hence why I gain weight cause my body is always in starvation mode (will explain this term in a post by itself very soon).
So all I ask is that October, please be good to me



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