On That Fitness Tip👍

My fitness journey is going pretty well, I think.
Well I feel it is, not too sure if people see a difference but I sure as hell feel a huge difference.

I have been jogging … Walking … Training n eating right for about a month now so I am super happy with my results.

I don’t weigh myself cause as I said before “The Scale is Not your Friend”. I measure myself, using a measuring tape.

I measure myself every 2 weeks and i find it to be the best system right now because I don’t get anxious about “weigh day” as they call it.

The results from my first measurments is I lost a total of 2.8inchs all over my body. Which I feel is not that bad.
Then yesterday I measured again and I lost a total of 3.6inchs all over my body.
So that means in 1 month I have lost 6.4inchs. Whoop whoop

I am super excited and plus I don’t even feel like I am doing much.
Small little changes in ur everyday routine can later accumulate to something bigger.
So I will continue to say. Start of slow and then gradually start adding more. Its overwhelming when u start of doing a hundred things at once.

I need to go tend to my mane


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