Wash Day Wednesdays


Why are my wash days on a Wednesday?

Personally I love Wednesdays, I don’t know why but I just wake up in good spirits. This is why I find this to be the best day to deal with my TWA. Also Wednesdays are Me-days, I just spend this day reflecting on myself and find doing my hair on this day to be very therapeutic. Doing my hair on the weekend doesn’t allow me to enjoy my weekend because I have washing my hair on my mind or when i go out with it wet i might get a cold because where i stay its always cold. So weekends are a NO NO.

I think I should rephrase that though “wash day”… NO. More like “Wash 2 hours”. I refuse to spend more than 2 hours on my hair. I have to complete everything including styling within 2 hours. This is my normal wash day routine:

Co-wash two times (10 mins)

Deep conditioning (30 mins)

L.O.C method (5-10 mins)

Styling (45-60 mins Depending on the style)

I will blow dry with cold heat depending on the weather. If it is too cold I will blow dry it so that it is about 75% dry

once a month I wash with shampoo and on those days I also do a protein treatment with an egg. Shampoo tends to make my hair really dull and dry and super said.

So that’s what I am going to do tomorrow.





7 thoughts on “Wash Day Wednesdays

  1. brenatural says:

    This is exactly my washing regime on Saturdays. Except, I do not co-wash twice and I do a tea rinse sometimes. It may take a long time, but it does not feel that long if you have something else to pass the time.

  2. brenatural says:

    A tea rinse is when you use black tea in your hair. I personally leave it in my hair as a leave in but I seen videos of people mixing it with their deep conditioning and then washing it out. It does help make your hair softer and reduces shedding. You boil water and let the tea seat in the cup for at least 30 mins or until it cool. I love using a tea rinse cause it is one of the cheapest ways of cleaning my hair and because I drink a lot of tea so I naturally had a box of black tea. I love how my hair feels after I wash my hair and put the tea rinse in.

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