Deficit Work

So this deficit thing works …

Felt like I was stuffing myself this week. I really have a problem with eating enough. This time I asked myself what do I have to lose, I am not at my goal weight So let me experiment with this way and see how it goes.

Some of u are not going to agree with this but will tell u anyways. The research that I read simply stated that the key to weight loss is to create a calorie deficit. Which means that u eat less then what ur body needs to maintain your weight. Not too much though or u will end up in starvation mode (story of my life). You need to find a balance that’s why I say experiment and monitor ur weight every day to see what works for u.

So now here is the dodgy part. The researcher I read was trying to prove a point stating that you just need to have a calorie deficit, what u consume doesn’t matter. He then went to the extreme of eating junk food and so forth for 2 months and ended up losing 22lbs about 11kgs because he created a deficit. 

Before y’all kill me I am not encouraging unhealthy eating, I am trying to emphasize on how important this deficit is. That it is the key to weight loss.
I have incorporated this deficit into my life and shockingly lost 2kgs this week. So that is a total of 5kgs all in all.

I repeat I am not encouraging unhealthy eating, I am encouraging u to understand the true meaning of a calorie deficit.



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