Off the Rails

My apologies for being so quiet lately but due to unforseen circumstances my life is currently off the rails.

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. It gets really tough to a point where staying positive feels pointless.
There are so many quotes about when things get tough that’s when u know u doing something right and that u on the right track. That’s the philosophy I am trying to live by. I am trying to stay positive, I am trying to keep my chin up and I am trying to keep moving forward. Trying is better than giving up.

I am determined to succeed. So for all these walls and obstacles in front of me, prepare to be destroyed because nothing can get in my way.

Hope y’all have been great though and are also pushing through all the obstacles in your life. I wish all the best on this journey called LIFE.


2 thoughts on “Off the Rails

  1. locz4lyfe says:

    I completely understand and can relate to having to stay sane in the midst of all of life’s lovely chaos! I’m sending positive vibes Ur way! 🙂

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