Natural vs Relaxed Hair

When I first went natural I really had it in my head that natural hair grew faster that relaxed hair. I used my experience with both to reach this conclusion, but I found out I was totally wrong.

I was sitting down n asking myself why is My natural hair growing so fast like this while my relaxed hair didn’t? N then it hit me.

I actually did research on how to take care of natural hair … All the deep conditioning, the egg treatments and massaging my sculp with oils contributed to my hair growth. To be honest I do more now for my hair than I have ever done in my whole life.


My natural hair more fuller and healthier than my hair has ever been

When I had relaxed hair, I never did research on how to take care of my hair, I just did what was passed down to me by my mother. All I did was as soon as I saw new growth, I would relax. Only recently in tertiary did I decide that I would only relax 3 times a year. But I still had no idea what I was doing and I think that’s why I couldn’t retain length.

One of my cousins has relaxed hair and it’s about bra strap length (I think that’s what its called) and her hair is healthy.  She told me that she just makes sure that her hair is always moisturised and does cholesterol treatments.


My cousin Billy ' long relaxed healthy hair

My conclusion on the natural vs relaxed is that it’s  all about how u take care of ur hair. I think both can result in you having waist length if u please just as long as u taking care of ur hair.

Hope u having a lovely Wednesday


8 thoughts on “Natural vs Relaxed Hair

  1. locz4lyfe says:

    Very good point and I can relate becuz since I have had my locs, I really have taken more time to understand what it means to have natural hair and to just get to know my hair and what it needs. Altho my hair also was healthy and grew while relaxed, I definitely see the difference after being loc’d for the past 3 yrs. Good post!

    • hermajestym says:

      I really just think its cause I didn’t do research about relaxed hair that I didn’t know how to take care of my hair like I do now with my natural hair. And its growing like crazy fast.

      • locz4lyfe says:

        Yea same here. Actually I never thought about researching resources for my hair when it was relaxed. Going natural is liberating for several reasons!

  2. feela77 says:

    This post is dead on. I was natural last year and decided to relax my hair this year. When I was natural I did a lot of research about caring for my hair and the products I used. Once I relaxed my hair, I relaxed on my hair care. Now I’m noticing my hair isnt as healthy. I’m now changing that and decided to blog my journey. Check me out on my page Feela Speaks.

    • hermajestym says:

      It really all about how u take care of ur hair. On YouTube there are tons of women with long relaxed hair. Also Herr I follow hairjunkie and she has relaxed hair that she really takes good care of.

      It all comes down to hair care.

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