I Miss My Hair

Yesterday I was bored and busy touching my hair when I decided to take one braid out and see what I am working with.

Actually I just missed running my fingers through my hair and also coiling it around my finger (Yes, I do suffer from hand-in-hair disease). I decided to take a picture and I must say my hair is growing at a rapid rate …. I am just I few inches away from what I cut off when I BC. Wow…
I wanna take out my braids, like this weekend if I can. Its just that I know what’s gonna happen next. Lol … I know my hair is not gonna wanna cooperate with me and then I will end up twisting it again. I know myself right now and I always do the same thing.
Plus now I go to work and I am seriously wondering do I have it in me to style my kinks in the morning.


Whoop whoop ... Looks like its almost colar bone or am I wrong?

Braids are so convenient I must say. They make life so much easier but my braids are starting to look major ratchet. It hasn’t even been a month yet … It will be a month on Sunday.
I really wanna know how y’all do it and keep braids in for 8 weeks or more cause I can’t even manage 4 weeks.

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