Sunday Cheesecake :)


So today I decided to make some cheese cake …
It came out great … Well… I haven’t tasted it yet, its in the cooling down stage. Might only have a slice tomorrow when it has spent the night in the fridge.

I tried to make it as “low fat” as possible by using low fat cream cheese, using less sugar and using digestive wholewheat biscuits. Well I tried. I tried to make it a little bit healthier.

The recipe was really simple, I found it on Pinterest. Just changed a few things to make it a little more healthier. Planning on trying a vegan cheesecake soon. Saw it in YouTube will see if it tastes nice.

Expect more baking on my blog I want to make it a thing now.

Hope y’all have a blessed Sunday and you take care

3 thoughts on “Sunday Cheesecake :)

      • locz4lyfe says:

        You post the rules of the blog on your site and you nominate 15 bloggers who you feel embody this award. Then you notify each one as I did-you are one of the 15 I chose. I believe in acknowledging and supporting one another. Take care:)

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