Hair Confessions

So I have a confession to make. Something that I think I only realized now.
At this current point in my hair journey I hate my hair length. This awkward stage is truly just awkward.
I tend to avoid having my hair out for long periods if time. I just remove my protective style wash my hair and by day three I am fed up and want to braid it again.
When I had a TWA, yes there is not much u can do to it but I could keep it out for months and just be content. Now that my hair is longer and the styles that I use to do to my TWA don’t really work anymore, it just frustrates me. I braid my hair cause I have like a mini nervous breakdown that always has me wanting to go back to the creamy crack.

My friend told me to wear my hair out so I could create some sort of a routine. Cause yes my hair grows in protective styling but if I don’t create a routine now when its longer I am just gonna get more frustrated. Apparently I should learn now while its shorter and more manageable cause once its bra strap its gonna be harder and more time consuming.

So now after my box braids, I wanna try and keep my hair out for a month or so before I put my mane back into protective styling.


After one week of having my hair free I go into protective styling

I am not making any promises lol I said I would try …
I really do love my hair, I just really don’t like this awkward length stage.

Please if anyone has any tips or some advise for me please comment.


10 thoughts on “Hair Confessions

  1. Yadeï says:

    Lol I love reading you & I can totally relate to those challenges as I am also at that awkward stage with my hair. I have a routine but not so many styles. I have stopped the use of hair extensions so my protective style is just simple braids. Corn rows, twists or those chunky braids. Basically just trying to limit manipulation – which you’re already doing so enjoy this stage & prepare your testimony lol. Happy New Year!

  2. Those Natural African Curls says:

    For me, what got me through my awkward stage was to keep my hair in a puff. Apart from that protective styles were the next best thing.

  3. Akinyi says:

    Girl I hear the awkward length stage in a natural hair journey is painful. I also hear that when your hair gets longer you’ll miss the shortness, which is what I’m dreading. So girl just enjoy it while it lasts. Styles that never fail; puffs and two strand twists, twist outs.

    Loving your blog 🙂

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