So my hair has been out for almost three weeks and I must say that I am so surprised with myself. My hair was (still is) very frustrating. I am mostly just annoyed by the limited things I can do to it. Right now my go to is the puff ... I really don't do … Continue reading 3weeks



So I am very excited. I finally found a product that makes my hair feel super soft, smooth and just ohhhh LA LA. It makes me fall in love with my hair. Nature's Gate is the one for me. I bought the shampoo and conditioners last year but only got round to using it now … Continue reading I Found THE ONE


Have been meaning to write a post on my weightloss journey but honestly I just had nothing to say about it. Not that it is going bad or anything. Its just that I have been back and forth, back and forth with this weightloss thing and not really getting anything in return. I have been … Continue reading WEIGH IN 😦


I was suppose to take my hair out this weekend but I am just not ready for this mane of mine. I just cant find the strength in me to actually take it out. I didn't take the braids out yet but I swear I will do it next weekend. The thing is I need … Continue reading HAIR DRAMA