I was suppose to take my hair out this weekend but I am just not ready for this mane of mine. I just cant find the strength in me to actually take it out.

I didn’t take the braids out yet but I swear I will do it next weekend. The thing is I need a full weekend so that I can try out hairstyles before Monday. I hate struggling in the mornings when I go to work. Its like I have to wake up an extra 30 mins earlier just to do my hair.

I know that lately my hair negativity has been on 100, its just that I didn’t think the awkward stage would be this bad. I sometimes ask myself maybe I should have transitioned for like years like one of my friends is doing. LOL then I realized that, that wouldn’t work out either cause transitioning was a beast. I hated it that’s why I couldn’t wait to cut my hair.

Don’t worry y’all I am not going to do anything dramatic, like relax my hair or anything. I know I am going to push through this stage. Y’all just need to bear with me in terms of all the complaining.

Sorry in advance lol


have a blessed Sunday my Lovies


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