Have been meaning to write a post on my weightloss journey but honestly I just had nothing to say about it. Not that it is going bad or anything. Its just that I have been back and forth, back and forth with this weightloss thing and not really getting anything in return.

I have been eating right, going to the gym, trying to be a bit more active, like being dropped off a couple of streets from my house so that I can walk home. I have been doing everything to keep healthy and fit. I joined the gym for goodness sakes. Its not that I expect to wake up one morning 20kgs lighter. Just saying its a lot of effort one has to put into something that takes months to achieve.

I can just say I am in an awkward stage in general in my life. Everything is just awkward and frustrating.

All I have to do is to just keep pushing. I totally blame all this negativity on my hair. LOL I feel that since my hair causes me so much frustration, it is starting to leak into other aspects of my life.

Anyways on to what this post is really about.

I have lost so far 2.5kgs

slow but I am progressing I guess. Don’t know why I am not so excited about it. Maybe when I lose like 5kgs I will celebrate.

Sorry y’all for the depressing post. I really do blame my hair LOL like its funny but I am dead serious.

XoXo My Lovies

7 thoughts on “WEIGH IN :-(

  1. locz4lyfe says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much energy and power our hair holds for us!? And it really isn’t until we discover just what our hair “Needs” that we feel more aligned with the universe, and everything else seems to fall into place! ahh the struggle continues! 🙂

    • hermajestym says:

      Your so right lol. I sometimes just want to big chop again. Then I come to my senses and realized that if i cut my hair I will just go through this phase again. LOL never again. Just need to push through

      • locz4lyfe says:

        lol, yep just gotta push thru it. that’s how i felt in the beginnin of my loc journey! but thankfully i was grudgingly patient and got thru the rough stages and at 3 + yrs i am lovin my hair! u will get there too!

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