So I am very excited. I finally found a product that makes my hair feel super soft, smooth and just ohhhh LA LA. It makes me fall in love with my hair.
Nature’s Gate is the one for me.
I bought the shampoo and conditioners last year but only got round to using it now (was trying to finish my other products first).
It has great slip, it is sulfate free. Its says on the bottle that it is made with natural ingredients (hmmm ok) and it smells great.
I really do love it.
As for the rest of my products I still use Dr Miracle’s – leave in conditioner, curl hold cream and their weigh less moisturizer.
For now I think I am set. All the products I use now are my staples. Not gonna buy new ones.

Goodbye to the product junkie life. Its was sooo expensive anyways.

Whoop whoop I am super happy.

Oh yeah before I forget…
I took my braids out on Wednesday, I could not take how ratchet it looked. So I have been dealing with my hair since then.
But right now I am in roller sets. Just washed my hair with the nature’s gate line n my hair feels and looks so rich.

Will post pictures of my roller set hair. Hope it comes out successfull. Either way I will still post it.

Hope y’all have a lovely night

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