So my hair has been out for almost three weeks and I must say that I am so surprised with myself. My hair was (still is) very frustrating. I am mostly just annoyed by the limited things I can do to it. Right now my go to is the puff … I really don’t do anything else and also don’t try anything else.
I tend to have a feeling that at work they won’t approve of my hair styles. I don’t know why I feel this and its something I really need to think about.

I am only braiding my hair this coming weekend so I have another week of it out. I wanna really make the most of it and try new styles. When I was just chilling at home I use to try out different hair styles and now that I have a job I am scared that they are not seen as professional. I really don’t know what it is but u don’t like how I feel about my hair and work.

Everywhere I go people ask me how I got my hair to look the way it looks, why its so curly… Hahaha well I just tell that that I was born like this.
I don’t know why when people see u have curly hair they start to ask u if ur mixed … NO IM BLACK …  MUM IS BLACK …. DAD IS BLACK … GRANDPARENTS ARE BLACK

Wanted to wash my hair today but I am super laZy lol will do it tomorrow or tonight. Since its still hot my hair will be dry in no time if I do it tonight.

Anyways have a lovely Saturday y’all

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