One Day…

One day is one day. We all have said it. We all have said that one day we will have this, one day we will have that. Why does it have to be one day? Why do we keep limiting ourselves? Why do we say things that we do not pursue? Why do we keep … Continue reading One Day…


All Grown Up

So it is official. I’m a grown up. I have a job, bills and responsibilities that to be honest I am just not ready for, but hey, I can’t turn back now. It’s funny that when I was younger all I ever wanted was to be independent, to be on my own and to do … Continue reading All Grown Up

Missed Me???

Well I hope you guys missed me cause I missed you. Yes, I have been gone for a minute but I think I need it. I had to get my life in order, set things straight. My life was kinda becoming monotonous and I really needed to change that. I am spontaneous by heart so … Continue reading Missed Me???