One Day…

One day is one day.

We all have said it. We all have said that one day we will have this, one day we will have that. Why does it have to be one day?

Why do we keep limiting ourselves? Why do we say things that we do not pursue? Why do we keep telling ourselves lies?

I guess it is to make one feel better. To give one hope of the future and that whatever situation you are currently in, that it is not forever.

I personally feel that “one day” should be accompanied with actually trying to reach that goal. You have to be doing something right now in the present to get to that one day.

You don’t want to be 50 and realize that you had the chance but didn’t do anything about it. One thing Y\you don’t want to do is regret. I feel that time is passing at an accelerated speed and I really don’t want to look back and ask myself why didn’t I do it or at least try to do it. I would rather be 50 and say that I spent my whole life trying to reach that one day than being 50 and just regretting not trying at all.

I think it all comes down to fear. We are afraid of the unknown, the things we are uncertain about. We seek to know the outcome of every situation before actually trying it. Fear eliminates us from reaching that one day.

At this current point in my life I feel I need to be a bit selfish, I feel that I need to take risks. I am still fairly young and this is the time for mistakes, this is the time to try and reach that ONE DAY.

I hope you are all trying to reach that one day dream that we all have and whatever obstacles you may be experiencing, just keep pushing on. I think one will feel more fulfilled in trying than doing nothing.



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