Give Thanks

In first year I read a book called The Alchemist. Its a best seller and a pretty good book. I realized that most of us are like Santiago (main character) we are all on a journey to find our treasure. Yes the journey is a bumpy one, its not smooth sailing like we all wish … Continue reading Give Thanks



So I have finally reached a point in my hair journey where my hair is not as frustrating as it was before. With the length my hair is more manageable and also I can experiment with more styles. The thing that I love the most is how healthy my hair is. It is stronger and … Continue reading Finally!!

  Style I did this week ... I really do think I can last now a month with my hair out and not complaining about it. I didn't complain once this week. Longer hair is a bit easier. Well that's what I think. Muahz Take care XoXo

My mane

Hair update ... I haven't said much lately about my hair cause as u all know how frustrated I get it was in protective styling. I have been so anxious about my hair growing that I haven't really noticed that I have actually made major progress. Like seriously I freaking cut it all off last … Continue reading My mane