My mane

Hair update …

I haven’t said much lately about my hair cause as u all know how frustrated I get it was in protective styling.

I have been so anxious about my hair growing that I haven’t really noticed that I have actually made major progress. Like seriously I freaking cut it all off last year and now look at it. Its gorgeous and beautiful.

I love it

Maybe with the new styles that I am able to do with the little bit of length has made it so much easier to deal with my mane.

I have been playing around with it a lot and trying out new styles. So amazing.

Oh yeah before I forget to tell y’all I KNOW HOW TO FLAT TWIST NOW … YAAAAY
I don’t know how I taught myself. I was just playing with my braids and then when I looked it the mirror I flat twisted perfect cornrows. I couldn’t believe myself.


Flat twist halo

So I tried to flat twist the halo style. Not bad hey for a beginner.
In time I will get better. Right now I can only do it on my own head, can’t do it on anyone else’s lol.

Anyways that’s my update.

Hope y’all have a blessed Sunday
May God bless you all
Take care

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