Give Thanks

In first year I read a book called The Alchemist. Its a best seller and a pretty good book. I realized that most of us are like Santiago (main character) we are all on a journey to find our treasure. Yes the journey is a bumpy one, its not smooth sailing like we all wish it could be but its what is needed. If Santiago didn’t go through all the trails he went through I personally don’t think he would appreciate the treasure as much. Even though it was gold, he cherished more what he learned on the journey than the treasure itself.
Now everywhere he went God was with him in my interpretation because even though it was not what he wanted to do he excelled at everything he did. Not realizing until the end that he had gained a vast set of skills and knowledge from his journey.

So I woke today with a great revelation. That God is always present in our lives. There are times when things are not going your way and you feel that He is M.I.A but He is not. Even in that moment where you think He is gone take a look around and see how fortunate u are. See that he hasn’t left you.

I might not be where I want to be at this current time in my life but I am truly thankful for this stage in my life. I have learned so much and I have grown as well. All I can do now is thank Him and understand that I am learning something here that will lead me to my treasure like Santiago.

Hope y’all have a great Thursday.

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