Natural Hair – Expensive

One of the cons of natural hair is that it can be a little bit expensive.
Normally the best products are a little bit pricey.
I hear a lot of women on social media talking about the lengths they are willing to go for their hair. They buy expensive products and even import products from overseas.
I personally don’t think this is necessary. There are products here in our stores that work just as well as those we see famous natural hair vloggers on YouTube use.

We are fixed on replicating the same methods, techniques and products that they use, that we don’t consider that it might not work on our hair.
I made a mistake once of using a product that I imported. It was such a shlep when my product finished and I didn’t have a refill. It happened on several occasions cause I am just human and I forgot. I then just decided to go into the store and find a product good for my hair.
That’s when I started my current relationship with tresseme.

All I do is look at the ingredients. If you have knowledge of the harsh chemicals then u know what to look for and what will be good for your hair. You don’t need to go all out to import things.
Just take note that back in the day people didnt use such lavish products like we are using today, and they were still able to reach their hair goals. Just something to keep in mind the next time u buy ur hair products.

I personally don’t spend more than N$400 and its not every month, maybe every 4 months on my hair and I am still trying to get it down to N$300.

Yay its Friday
Hope y’all have a awesome Friday and an awesome weekend.


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