New Beginnings ☺

So many exciting things are currently happening to me. I can’t wait to share them all with you.

One that you all know is that I have a YouTube page in the making. Just editing and fine tunning everything before I launch it to y’all.

Other things I will reveal in due time.

Sometimes one feels that the world is against you and all the bad things are happening to you but later you have an epiphany. You realize that all those bad things that happened to you is what needed to happen for you to really appreciate the good things.
We hardly learn anything when life is smooth sailing it takes a life altering event for you to learn something and for something good to come from it.

My life is not perfect but I have learned sooo much from all those imperfections:
Who to trust,
Who not to trust,
To keep smiling,
Hold on to the people that care,
Understand that not everyone is gonna like u,
Laugh everyday … I Literally think that, that’s the key to not being stressed. At work I laugh everyday till tears come out. I love it.

Everything happens for a reason, you might not understand it now you might not even get it tomorrow but it will make sense one day.

Have a blessed Sunday y’all
Much love


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