Protective styling hair care

Yes, today two posts are needed.

So I have noticed that people don’t really do much to their hair when in protective styling. This is a big no no.
People moisturize their scalp and think that that’s enough. Its not.

The same routine you would do to ur hair while it is out is the same as when ur in braids.
You don’t need to wash ur hair every week but cleanse it at least every two weeks.

Things that I do to my hair while its in protective styling:

Every morning and at night I spritz my hair with water. In the morning its with a DIY mixture I made. This acts as a leave in and at night just normal water.
Our natural hair is very dry and needs moisture on a regular basis.

Every other day I apply castor oil and massage it into my scalp for about 15-20mins. Massaging castor oil will stimulate hair growth. If u have a really dry scalp I suggest you do this everyday until u notice a difference.

When washing ur hair focus mainly on the scalp n not the braids or protective styling u have. You want to get rid of all the product build up and not ruin your style.


As y’all might have noticed by now is that I love twists. They are my favorite protective style. I tried other styles but nothing I like more than twists n braids. Planning on removing these soon n then going straight back again. Winter is here n those few minutes I spend on my hair, I would like to spend them in bed. Lol

You don’t know the struggle of waking up in winter.

Hope y’all have a great Monday

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