Free is my Mane

Finally …

I really missed my hair but I don’t think my hair missed me.
Every inch that grows I get super excited but right now things are changing. The longer my hair gets the more uncooperative it becomes.
I tried a twist out last night and this morning it was an epic fail.
I spent the whole morning trying to fix it, I even missed church cause it just became frustrating.
I ended up just putting it up and scarfing it up.

This is where I am beginning to realize that I need to develop a new regimen. Also look for techniques that work with a little longer hair.

I am too lazy to redo this so I am just going to rock this epic fail up this week. I will do a buntu knot out on Wednesday when my hair is gonna be super done.


Upset with my hair


This coming weekend I am going to record a wash day video. Filled with all the steps I do when washing my hair.
I’m really excited.

Hope y’all have a great n blessed Sunday.

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