Don’t Worry …

Yes I know I have been MIA for a minute. I think I just tripped n fell n now I had to get back up again. Not by myself though cause that wasn’t working but with the Word.

So I am a person who suffers from anxiety. I am constantly worried n stressed about things I know I can’t change/control but still try to do it anyways.
Anxiety is fear, fear that nothing will work n nothing will go right. If you have so much fear in your life is there actually any room for faith? Faith that He has everything under control.

Let me answer that from my perspective. NO!!! Anxiety consumes you. It requires u to rationalize everything so there is actually no room for faith. You need to find an answer to everything, a solution to everything and when u don’t, u get a panic attack, heart palpitations or u can’t breath. It’s really not a nice feeling.

Now after some enlightenment from my mother it has really just slapped me in the face that all will be well as long as I have faith it will be.
She said I need to read my Bible cause in there I will find scriptures that relate to my situation, that relate to what I’m feeling and that can help me feel that I’m not alone.

I have encountered countless scriptures telling me not to worry. Its like I’m being directly spoken to. I open up my Bible and Bam! there is it “Don’t worry” like what am I gonna do, obviously what I was told not to worry.
I’m not saying I’m fixed or anything but it’s a start.

My mum asked me something so profound, she asked “You keep praying, asking God to do things for you but do u ever open ur Bible n try n listen to Him?”

Prayer is not enough y’all you gotta open up that thousand year old book and let Him talk to you to. This can not just be a one sided relationship, both parties must be heard for it to work.

I hope y’all have a blessed Sunday


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