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Hair Chronicles!!

Hey Lovies

I thought that today I would update you on a few things with my hair and how it just frustrates me.

I am currently in protective styling, which is the only thing that keeps me from cutting my hair or worse RELAXING it. I have been tempted several times to go back to the creamy crack lately cause my freaking hair just does not want to cooperate.

With shrinkage I tend to think that my hair is really long, since your hair shrink up to 80% so I was like my hair should be really long… Well I was so wrong about this and I am so glad I didn’t relax my hair to find out. Instead I went for a wash n blow. I normally struggle with my hair but the lady that did my hair handled it like it was butter. She took care of my hair, and even though she used a lot of heat, I did not suffer from heat damage.

When she was done I was disappointed in the length of my hair. First time after my BC that I blow out and straighten my hair. I have only been natural for a year and a half but I expected miracles with my hair. Even though my hair is growing, at an above average pace, I am super impatient. I want waist length hair like yesterday lol.

Take note that I am a very impatient person, that’s why I find my hair journey to be such a drag.

I haven’t measured my hair in a while as well cause that just upsets me so I don’t do it anymore.

I have just decided to constantly be in protective styling until my hair is the length that I want it to be.

Hair got me feeling some type of way

I hope ya’ll have a great and blessed Sunday.


During my time away from blogging I happen to lose a lot of weight  (10kgs to be exact 😀 ). People keep asking me what I did. So I want to start a new segment called Weight-loss Wednesdays to tell you guys all my secrets and tricks. Give me the green light and I will start spilling.

Muahz take care my lovies



2 thoughts on “Hair Chronicles!!

  1. I understand about almost giving up. I was there a few weeks ago myself. You know my hair struggles. I am at the point that if I continue to have issues after BCing this time, I am going to relax and be done. Wishing you luck.

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