Why is it so easy to dish out advice but so hard receiving it??

I am currently in a situation where I myself have given someone advice and thought of them as being stupid for not doing as I said. Thinking that it is such a easy decision to make and not for one instance did I put myself in their shoes. From the other side it does really look easy but from where I am standing right now, it is far from easy.

Too many emotions are involved as to when your on the outside looking in. There are things to take into consideration, like the consequences of your actions and what ripple effect it will have on those involved.

Now I read an article in the COSMO that pretty much stated that we stress over situations we have no control over. The reason we are stressed out by it is cause we all seek assurance. We want to know for sure of the outcome, not knowing that this notion is somewhat unattainable.

Yes, your in a sticky situation. Yes, you want things to go a certain way but that’s just not gonna happen. Only time will tell what will happen. As for now all you gotta do is go with the flow. It already happened, you cant press the rewind button and go back, in life you can only move forward.

All the questions that you are stressing yourself over will be answered in due time. Everything happens for a reason, you might just not get it right now but later you will.

So chill out!!!!



Hope Y’all have a pleasant evening





4 thoughts on “CONTROL ISSUES

  1. Silksache't says:

    i agree love, it is so easy to say what should get done when you are not in the situation. Thats why i give advice but i never get upset when the person does not listen, because a grown person is going to do what they want to do. They could be getting told by GOD himself and still do the opposite..its just human nature. Good post 🙂

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