Easy Way Out

So I saw this quote on Facebook and it kinda hit home. Not only is it for relationships also for friendships and other ships that are out there. A Psychologist once said that every relationship is fixable if both parties are on the same page and want to fix it. Things normally end when one … Continue reading Easy Way Out


I’m Gonna Be OK …

There are gonna be days where u just need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that your gonna be ok. That this too shall pass. Life is really filled with ups and downs. Things we feel we have no control over but actually we do. We are just scared of the … Continue reading I’m Gonna Be OK …

Skin Care Regimen

So I have been getting a lot of compliments about my skin and I thought I would share what I do. I use to have very problematic skin. Constantly had acne all over my face. Especially  on my forehead. I tried every product imaginable and nothing really work. Thought it was just puberty but in … Continue reading Skin Care Regimen


Good Hair Day!!!

Today I am having a good hair day. Just felt like sharing a few pictures of my hair before it goes back into protective styling. I roller set my hair on Sunday  and I still seem to be maintaining my hair pretty well. Not that I am doing anything special in my night routine. I … Continue reading Good Hair Day!!!