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Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year everybody, hope this year is filled with new hopes n possibilities  for all of u. I wish you all a wonderful  year. 

This is my first post of 2016 n it’s dedicated  to my hair, My beautiful  yet so frustrating mane.

So I was going through all my posts of the previous year and I came across  this picture in my gallery.

This was my hair on the 28th December 2014. I decided to then do a pull test today and see how far I have come along and oh my am I shocked with  how long my hair has gotten.


This is a picture of my hair today.


It grew u guys (YAY)!!!
It grew so much, while I for the past year have been  complaining that it is not long enough.

I think it is critical  for one to take pictures  so that u can monitor ur progress. I have been tempted to cut my hair so many time because I wasn’t seeing progress but now that I look at my past pictures, I am so surprised and excited for more growth.

Now for my confessions. I have been a little negligent when it comes to my hair. My routine went from a super healthy one to a very lazy one. All I do is wash my hair.

I stopped deep conditioning (covers face), moisturising, spraying my hair with water and just simply maintaining and taking care of it. Even my friend said I haven’t  been  taking good care of my hair and I was the one who motivated her to take care of her hair. I seriously  just got lazy.

So I plan to do a better job. Not gonna promise anything I am just gonna try my best to do better n take care of my mane.

Regardless  I’m a happy chappie now.

Take care my lovies


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