Skin Care Regimen

So I have been getting a lot of compliments about my skin and I thought I would share what I do.

I use to have very problematic skin. Constantly had acne all over my face. Especially  on my forehead.
I tried every product imaginable and nothing really work. Thought it was just puberty but in my 20s it’s just acne.

So after I graduated  I really started taking matters into my own hands. Had nothing better to do, so I focused on my skin.

Most of the time our acne is worsened by using the wrong products. You might be using products for dry skin while u have oily skin. So you first gotta find out what’s your skin type is.

I found out that my skin is oily and I use to use a lot of products for dry skin.

These are currently  the products that I use.


Coconut oil




Johnson's Face Cream


Black Soap

That is pretty much it.

I wash my face twice a day

Use Johnson’s day cream in the morning and use coconut oil at night to repair my skin.

Sunblock cause Satan  decided he is visiting (it’s hot as hell) and the sun is scorching.
Should u guys want the black soap you can email me and I will order it for u from my mama.

I hope yall have a blessed Sunday

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