I’m Gonna Be OK …

There are gonna be days where u just need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that your gonna be ok. That this too shall pass.

Life is really filled with ups and downs. Things we feel we have no control over but actually we do. We are just scared of the outcome cause there is a high chance that it’s not in our favour. So instead of just ripping off the bandage, we keep it on as if it’s protecting us but wounds also need air to heal.

It all comes down to self love. If u truly love yourself u will do what’s best for you. No one knows you better than you know urself but yet we tend to seek ourselves in others.
U know what ur capable of, u know ur abilities and u know what you can tolerate and what you can’t but yet you seek this knowledge from others.

If u have doubts or suspicions from the get go then that’s your inner self telling you that it’s not right but instead of listening to yourself, the person that knows u best. You seek advise from others.

Everyone is different. We don’t all react the same in certain situations. Some of us can tolerate things that others can’t.

Talking from experience, only when the situation passed did I realise that I ignored warning signs straight from the get go. I was uncomfortable and confused and not really certain about anything. This was my inner self telling me to get the hell out of there, but what did I do … the complete opposite.

Now I know that next time I gotta listen to that gut feeling, I’m gonna listen to myself cause ain’t nobody got my back better than I do.

Hope yall had a blessed weekend

Peace out A-town
(hahaha lol was listening to Yeah by Usher earlier)




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