Easy Way Out

So I saw this quote on Facebook and it kinda hit home. Not only is it for relationships also for friendships and other ships that are out there.

A Psychologist once said that every relationship is fixable if both parties are on the same page and want to fix it. Things normally end when one has given up, but if both parties want to fix it, they can. Betrayal, dishonesty, cheating, anything can be fixed.

This got me thinking. If we know it can be fixed why do we let go?
The answer is its easier to let go then to fix something. Fixing takes time, it could take years before ur in a happy place again. It’s not instant and everyone wants a quick fix for everything.

Now I am not perfect, I am also part of the easy way out people. I can cut off people like BAM. You hurt me or betray me that’s it, I’m done with u, I have that I wish I never met u mentality.


My motto for every wrong relationship

Which is actually wrong really but I feel needed in a world where we have so many dishonest people. You don’t know who is playing games and who is not. No one is trustworthy.
I am blessed to have very close friends that the newcomers I have met are easily disposable. That’s why I can cut off people so quickly but if it was one of them I was fighting with or was betrayed by, I know I would try my utmost best to fix it.

So the psychologist is actually right. We can fix all relationships. But for me it depends who it is. If I just met u and we already have problems lol I’m sorry u will be X’d but if your like Ava (my best friend, my sister, my person) then I would travel to the moon n back n try n fix things

So what I am pretty much trying to say in this post is that yes all relationships can be fixed but I think the decisions comes from you. Do you really want to fix things or do u want to take the easy way out?

Hope yall have a great Sunday


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