End of Book 5

Once again in my life I have reached a point where I have closed another book of my life. Most people like to say ur ending a chapter but I feel like I have just finished a book. An entire book filled with drama, pain, anger, traumatic experiences and love. Now aren't those all the … Continue reading End of Book 5


Happily Ever After

I feel I am a sucker for happily ever afters. I love Disney and Pixar movies so I have been programmed to think that there will always be a happy ending. Even though it's animation and it's a made up story, I feel that life is the same. Animation has taught us at a young … Continue reading Happily Ever After

Weight loss

Eish yall before I come spewing lies here of eating right n exercising let me just tell yall now that I have no idea how I'm losing weight. Probably not eating enough, probably stressed or the gods have finally decided to give me my dream bod lol I really want to help people that ask … Continue reading Weight loss